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Sukkot is a 7-day fall-harvest holiday that immediately follows Yom Kippur. This year, Sukkot begins in the evening of Friday, October 2nd. The Hebrew word Sukkot means “booths”, and Sukkot in English is the Festival of Booths. But what does that even mean? A booth here refers to the festive temporary huts that Jews build to celebrate the holiday, called a Sukkah! A Sukkah is a temporary structure with at least 3 walls and greenery on top called “schach”. We celebrate Sukkot by building a Sukkah and “living” in it for the holiday. We light our holiday candles in the Sukkah, eat meals in the Sukkah, study Torah in the Sukkah, and many people even sleep in their Sukkah! Check out the info-graphic below for more details about this fun holiday.

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