We mourn the people in Atlanta - 6 of the 8 being women of Asian descent - who were murdered in the apparent hate crime. We are saddened and outraged that human beings have not learned from our past that ostracism and blame result in senseless loss of human life.

Our Torah, which teaches that we are all created b'tzelem Elohim (in God's image), demands that we stand up to injustice and hate. Torah also teaches us Don't stand idly by when your neighbor bleeds.

We Jews know about xenophobic hatred. Let us all stand up against hate: On March 26, we will join with the Asian-American community to speak out against discrimen-Asian and Asian Hate.

Please speak out about this crime to your families and friends.

And know that:

Temple Beth Sholom embraces our congregants and community of Asian descent, and that we – Rabbi Brian Leiken, Cantor Meara Lebovitz are here to offer support, solace, and spiritual strength.

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