Introducing Our One Community Newsletter

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


Welcome! Our One Community Newsletter is designed to keep TBS and NCJC congregants informed of our progress as we deepen our sense of community and come together under one roof.

American Judaism is at a crossroads – perhaps nowhere more so than in Rockland County – and it has become ever more apparent that a new paradigm for Jewish life in our community is necessary if progressive expressions of Judaism here are to survive and thrive. The collaborative initiative between NCJC and TBS sets its sights on future sustainability and growth.

Together, NCJC and TBS are collaborating in creative, productive, and meaningful ways to meet congregants’ demands. Sharing the same physical space creates a congregation of 600-700 families, a nursery school of 70-80 children, a religious school serving 300 students, and a unique Hebrew High School and pre-college program to serve our teens. As One Community, we will be able to offer dynamic programming and stronger connections within and across the community.

Our partnership aims to create a campus-like facility that is home to our two congregations, expands the base of Jewish offerings, makes Jewish life more accessible, and enriches congregational resources. The One Community Newsletter is your go-to for staying informed of our progress.

We invite you to email questions, offer feedback, and share ideas with us:

Melissa Friedman (NCJC) and Gene Freyer (TBS), Marketing Co-Chairs

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