A letter from Lauren Schimko (President of TBS) and Mike Backelman (President of NCJC)

Dear TBS & NCJC Community,

We hope that this letter finds you and your families well, and with the COVID vaccine now being rolled out, full of hope for a healthy and eventually normal 2021.

We would like to bring everyone up to date on where things stand with our efforts to form a “One Community” collaborative between Temple Beth Sholom and New City Jewish Center. Committees have been working hard to put together all of the information necessary so we can present a complete package for Board and Congregational votes, and we are still hopeful that we can have this done by September 2021.

Having said that, we are very aware that for our Early Childhood Centers to remain competitive, they must begin registration as soon as possible. Therefore, our joint education committee, along with Lori Scott, Jackie Binstock, and Beth Dinowitz, has been working very hard over the past months putting together a proposal for merging our Nursery Schools. They made their presentations last week to both Boards of Trustees, and both Boards approved their proposal unanimously.

And so we are proud to announce that registration for “Shalom Rockland Early Childhood Center” will begin immediately (registration packets are available, please contact Lori Scott for more information). Classes will begin in September, and as the only synagogue-affiliated non-orthodox Early Childhood Center in Rockland County, we expect it to be a huge success!

Our plan for now is to treat the merged ECC as a joint venture between TBS and NCJC – all profits & losses will be shared. If, as we hope, our Boards and Congregations vote to approve the “One Community” collaborative once it is presented, then the merged ECC will be rolled into this collaborative. If it is not approved, then we will re-evaluate our joint venture after the first year to see if it is still in the best interests of our congregations.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Lori Scott at nurseryschooltbs@gmail.com or call (845) 638-1661. You can also contact Jackie (NCJC), or Beth (NCJC) at (845) 638-9600.

Best regards,

Lauren Schimko Mike Backelman

President, TBS President, NCJC

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