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You have the opportunity to support Temple Beth Sholom in a variety of different ways. Please choose the fund you wish to donate to and use the notes to seller field to indicate the way in which you would like us to recognize the donation. Click the fund you choose to donate with credit card via PayPal, or contribute to the general temple fund by clicking here. If you prefer to make your payment with check, please email Valentina to make arrangements.​



Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: Enables the Rabbi to anonymously assist families and individuals in need throughout the community.


Cantor's Discretionary Fund: Enables the Cantor to anonymously enrich  the lives of our Temple family.

Caring Community: Helps congregants in time of need and is just a phone call away.


Music Fund: To help add to congregant's musical awareness and add to our ability to increase musical offerings at Temple.



Howard Simons Mensch Fund: Supports the Pre-K to 12 educational curriculum and focuses on social/ethical values through a Jewish lens and helps each and every member of the Temple community recognize the concept of the Yiddish word Mensch.


David Charger Fund: In memory of David Chargar, who attended our Nursery School, to benefit the nursery school through special programs, supplies and equipment.


Educational Resource: Enhance our Religious School children's education through special programs, events and projects.




Social Action: Reaches out to the community within and beyond the Temple to ensure that TBS is an active participant in the community around it.


High Holy Days: Operating fundraiser.


Temple Beautification: Enhancement of the Temple building, sanctuary and grounds.



Brotherhood Elliot Teitelbaum: Enables Brotherhood to be wherever needed to help Temple achieve its goals.

Thank you for your generosity! To contribute to the general temple fund click here.

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